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2010 Wessex Lowlines imported 10 heifers from Big Island  Lowlines in Edmonton, Canada – the first live beef imports into the UK in over  a decade.  They arrived by Air Canada  at Heathrow none the worse for their travels.   A second import of 3 in-calf heifers  and 6 calves from the same farm took place at the beginning of February 2012. A third import of 2 in calf heifers and 8 heifers arrived in February 2014.This gave us the opportunity to extend our gene pool by using new sires.

Canada is the only country that can meet the  strict health criteria for imported cattle into Europe, but to broaden the  genetics we have imported semen from Australia and currently have semen from  several different bloodlines.

In order to increase numbers we have embarked  on a programme of embryo transplant using locally bred, elite health, pedigree Aberdeen Angus heifers and elite health highlands as recipients.

Please  read the following pages to see why we are so enthusiastic about this very special breed of small beef cattle.

The Wessex  Lowlines herd is part of the Chase Royale partnership and is located at Stubhampton near Blandford Forum in Dorset.

Do  contact us and pay us a visit so that we can discuss all the advantages of  owning Lowline cattle!

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