The Company is owned by Geoff Roper and Nick Weber, who after hearing about the Lowline breed became excited about their prospects in  the UK when we realised that they were derived from the “Original Aberdeen Angus”  of the early 1900s and were the right size and temperament for the small  acreage owner and met the needs of the commercial beef market.

The herd is managed by David Maughan.

Between  us we have some 60 acres of grazing and as can be seen in the following pages  this is sufficient to keep a herd of some 100 head.

We  have been involved in various farming activities but realise that Lowline  cattle offer a special business interest in the rearing of a small beef animal  that appeals to the smallholder, have a particularly docile temperament, eat  about a third less than other breeds, and can reach maturity on  grass.