• Excellent temperament, easily handled and shown, even by children
  • More Lowlines to the acre than larger breeds – 66% more
  • Able to finish and marble on grass and on average between 14-18 months old
  • More saleable meat per acre at a third to a half the cost of large steers
  • Shorter gestation time (average 271 days)
  • Low birth weight (18-24 kg); Ease of calving
  • Naturally polled
  • The beef is tender, tasty and well marbled with more Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Pedigree registered stock require DNA parentage verification on all Fullblood (100%Lowline) animals. Protecting your investment.
  • Market demand is consistently high for livestock as is demand for quality beef
C'mon Conker lets go for a walk

C’mon Conker lets go for a walk